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Growing up my initials were OP, which was pretty cool in the 80's, right? Then I got married and my initials got updated to match our very texting obsessed era that we now live in (and shake our heads at)...OMG. For those who are texting illiterate, I'll spell it out..."Oh, My God!". I pity the girl whose initials are W.T.F. (I won't spell that one out. You can Google it or email me for an explaination on that one!)


My weirdness & updates

First we will start with updates. Plenty of weirdness to come.
Here's my pretty new plant. Some sort of succulent, rubber leaf plant. Isn't she pretty? Glistening in the sun after a cool spray of water. Stay tuned to find out if she survives the summer. We are taking care of my mother-in-law's rose bush. The heat got to it while we were on our vacation so we cut it back and have been giving it lots of TLC and it is looking great! Just thought she'd like the update. I know nothing about roses and keep hoping it will flower but now I'm thinking...maybe it's past season? We shall see. You know I will post pics if it flowers!

I have a plant experiment going on. I recently was informed of the beauty of a sweet potato plant. So I've stuck a few in some water and watched them grow.

June 14:
fascinating little creature, isn't it!?

June 27:

June 14 :

June 27:
it's getting tropical up in here! i can't believe how fast these things grow.
why can't cilantro do this??!!

Here's what I had to convince my husband to eat on Saturday morning. Yum, right?
Yes, I said convince him! Sadly, he does not appreciate the pancake like I do.

I felt like baking and made this.

I looks awesome but I found it inedible. (Made it with applesauce instead of using butter, to cut the fat out. I'd rather have the fat.)

Funny how my husband, who resists fabulous pancakes, thinks this Chocolate Banana Bread is just fine and happily eats it with his coffee every morning. Confused? Me, too. (Notice how I put chocolate in everything? It's because that's his love language. I love you, sweetie.)

Am I weird for taking pictures of everything?
I can't help it if I see beauty in everything around me, can I?
I think it's something about looking at life through the lens of a camera.
It focuses my attention on the beauty of details and lighting.
I have to admit, I can't help it anymore... and I'm trying to not be embarrassed about it.
I tell myself that I'm just a bit eccentric and artistic. I know it's not normal.
I mean, what normal person takes a half dozen pictures of this....

I guess I'll end with an update to round things out...
I start classes in 2 weeks. Will attend every Friday & Saturday until next May.
I have been a LPN since 2001 and have been chipping away at the requirements to get into school to become a RN. This has been quite a journey and I am BEYOND READY for this opportunity. It's my own fault it has taken me this long because I would often get off track with my goals & motivation. My husband has been so supportive and helped figure out a way for me to finally DO THIS. Thank you, Brian.
Even in this current job market & economy, I know things can only get better for us as I reach this goal.


Michawn said...

i LOVE your weirdness...and your pictures!! ;)

Amanda said...

Wow!! I love you taking pictures all the time... its one thing you will never regret!!

many blessings-