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Growing up my initials were OP, which was pretty cool in the 80's, right? Then I got married and my initials got updated to match our very texting obsessed era that we now live in (and shake our heads at)...OMG. For those who are texting illiterate, I'll spell it out..."Oh, My God!". I pity the girl whose initials are W.T.F. (I won't spell that one out. You can Google it or email me for an explaination on that one!)


Thoughts. Events. Life.

It's Monday. I'm home today. I was supposed to work but they didn't need me.
I don't mind being home except I officially have too much time to think.

Too many thoughts about things happening in the lives of people around me (and a few about my own life).
So many marriages, births, illness, death, job worries, vacations, relationships broken & whole.

It's just life, right?

I guess it's just getting to me today...alone in this house. Waiting for my husband to get home from work and tell me if we have to add "job worries" to our plate.

There is so much GOOD stuff going on in the lives of those I know but there is also so much heartache & struggle. Add the state of our nation to that pile and you get one overwhelmed Olivia.

Too much time to think...I think.

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