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Growing up my initials were OP, which was pretty cool in the 80's, right? Then I got married and my initials got updated to match our very texting obsessed era that we now live in (and shake our heads at)...OMG. For those who are texting illiterate, I'll spell it out..."Oh, My God!". I pity the girl whose initials are W.T.F. (I won't spell that one out. You can Google it or email me for an explaination on that one!)


The Difference a Year Makes

Last year, I thought this was evidence of my attempts at healthy eating.....

This year, things have gotten alittle more serious in the fruit & veggie department.

Last year, I was most concerned about getting a great hair cut & color....
This year, I'm more concerned about making a great grade on my final....(I still realize my bangs look horrible!)

Last year, I was saying good-bye to my sweet brother as he moved to California....

This year, I'm saying hello to my new sister-in-law!

Last year, I ate tons of cake on my 33rd B-day.
This year, I made better choices for my 34th B-day.....

Last year, we took my healthy Grandma out for steak on her 80th B-day....

This year, we are just glad to be home & able to celebrate another year with her on her 81st B-day.
Last year, I was given these wee little leaves transplanted by my mother-in-law....

This year, I am in awe...

I am in awe by it all.
What a difference a year makes.
Oh, what wonders are in store for the following year!
Oh, what wonders are in store for the following year??


BBC Animal Funnies

This is just too funny! Have a great day.


Not me! Monday

Early this morning I didn't think proudly to myself "I don't have anything to write a "not me" Monday post". Nothing embarassing has happened. I haven't done some silly or stupid little thing all week.

So, I read some blogs and went to the gym. On the way home I stopped at the store to get some seeweed wraps so I can make some more sushi rolls. I saw a gallon of organic milk on clearance for only $2.99. What a steal! Now I can make more homemade yogurt! This site gives a great how-to. Hey, I'm off today and have the time. Why not?

I also bought some noodle soup and since I was STARVING from reading about a ham and swiss sandwich on this blog and then working out....I cooked the noodles instead of finishing my green smoothie (my first mistake).

I put the cold milk in a huge pot, turned on the burner, sat down in the living room to enjoy my noodles and review the how-to and make sure I had all the supplies. Hey, it's a huge gallon of cold milk, I had time to kill.

Here's my noodles to prove this is a real story.

Suddenly, without warning (hello! could I at least get a warning?!)

I heard a weird sound from the kitchen.

Took me 2 seconds to realize I had something to blog about today.......

Ummm, er.... Not me?

That's not gonna be fun to clean.

I think milk products are out to get me!

You see, I sort of lied.

Something silly/stupid DID happened to me earlier this week.

I confess.......

I was so excited to finally have some time to use my Martha Stewart Cupcake book so I took the plunge and bought tons of supplies, including buttermilk.

Now, I've never tasted, bought or smelled buttermilk ever before.

I surely did not spill an entire cup of stinky, thick buttermilk all over my counter. YUCK!

Of course, I didn't spill it during my efforts to move some stuff out of the way so no "accidents" would happen!

Milk products must have heard about my stash of almond and hemp milk in my pantry.

It's noticed I haven't bought it in over 6 months. It's out to get me. Making me pay!

Apparently it doesn't matter that I buy tons of cheese, cottage cheese & cream cheese....it's the MILK QUEEN herself that is taking my change in dietary habits personally.

Guess who's not making yogurt today. Yep, NOT ME!


What they don't know....

...those currently pregnant ladies who are due within the next month....they have no idea that my little eager eyes will be there to watch them give birth.

They are so looking forward to that day...what they don't know is...so am I!

Ladies, my dear sisters, currently strangers, I thank you in advance for letting me see you in all your laboring glory.

I am studying hard so I know as much as possible about what is normal, what is "nonreassuring" and all those complications.

I will be facinated and excited but above all, I will be professional and kind. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Labor and Delivery clinicals, here I come!


The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful....

Here's the reason that we are now CONVINCED we aren't up to having kids....
8 week old puppy. Need I say more?

I can't decide if she's the Good or the Bad. Depends on the moment!

Her competition is Nursing School!

I can't decide if it's the Good or the Bad, either!
These last few weeks have been crunch time in school. Right when I was getting used to the pace of quizzes every day and tests every other weekend....it's time for skills check off, medication and IV calculation test, last lecture test, skills hours due AND the final exam! Wow!

When did all that happen and how did I not see it coming?? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy learning and am still totally excited to be working on getting my RN...but the "S" word is not fun.


Stress is something I've been really good at avoiding in my life.
Well, here's where I have placed myself now...ST(me)RESS.
Right in the middle!!

Oh, well. Like I tell myself when I see others freaking out about their crazy situations....
"you picked your poison".

I definitely chose this...I just didn't quite anticipate it. Does that make sense?
I guess I thought it would be easier.
I didn't even fathom this would entail studying 10 chapters in two weeks or chapter that are 20-50 pages each! My grades are pretty much what I expected and hoped for, I just didn't think I'd have to try this hard to get mediocre grades.

On a positive note, I start clinical rotations mid-October.
SO VERY MUCH looking forward to that!
I will spend 10 hour days, every Friday and Saturday, in the hospital setting.
First few weeks are Labor and Delivery. Then I do some weeks of Medical/Surgical at the VA Hospital and then Pediatrics.
We should be done mid-December. I should post a pic of me in my school scrubs!
I'll be sure to do that.

So, you be the judge. Good or Bad? I still can't decide.

I'll end with the Beautiful......

My new wedding ring. We upgraded and I'm in love again.
I think it's just fabulous. It was love at first sight. That always feels good. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment! It's easy, I promise. Just give it a try.
Now....off to study!