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Road Trip '09: My Favorite Photos

So green in Minneapolis. If I ever move away from the desert, it will be to this house which is across the road from the above photo. What a pretty place to live.

Chicago gave us the most BEAUTIFUL clear, blue-sky day. This is a view from the 3 story tall ferris wheel.

I'd need an entire day to check out this building. The Merchandise Mart. 100,000 sq ft. of kitchen & bath Boutiques. 4 MILLION sq ft. of floor space in this building! It's very impressive to see in person. The amazing part is that it was constructed way back in 1930!

I did a search on Chicago buildings and have yet to see better photos than the ones I got during the architecture boat tour we took. Not boasting or anything...I'm just sayin. :)

The view I had of the first several days on the road. ALOT of rain driving through Nebraska & Iowa. Made for a great shot though. Least I got something out of it, besides a nap & a headache.

What you can't tell by looking at this pretty photo....it was in Wisconsin & was 100 degrees & super windy outside. The GPS took us through back roads cutting diagonally through Wisconsin. Is this how most people take road trips? Amazing what you see when you get off the freeways.

My very favorite picture. Leaves me speechless and lost in the moment.

Want more? Don't worry, there's plenty more where these came from. Keep checking back and I'll give you something worth looking at.

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Amanda said...

Great shots!!!

You are sure talented!

God bless-