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Sugar, Sugar

I make our own Sugar Scrub. It's so easy and cheap. So far it's just been plain ole white sugar, some old lavender body oil that was too strong to use alone, various essential oils that I like, and some "unknown age" olive oil (that I found in my husband's pantry back when we were dating).
Eventually I will venture into using brown sugar, spices, or salt.
Until then, this works great!
It's awesome to use after shaving , waxing, or epilating (you get used to the pain. it isn't that bad).
Here's my very special and specific recipe.

1. Fill glass jar almost full of sugar.
2. Pour in some olive oil and mix well (I like to use a chopstick for this).
3.Shake essential oils of various scents until I get bored.
4. Sniff. Mix some more until nice creamy consistency.
5. Add few more drops of oils. Mix. Sniff.
6.Feel proud of your thriftiness and laugh at the ridiculous prices of sugar scrubs next time you are at the department store or Target.

Finished product! Hubby should like this one. It smells like Home Depot.


Michawn said...

that's awesome, olivia. i might just have to try this.

Leah said...

Great to know! Every time I go to the salon they try to sell me this really expensive sugar scrub - now I can say that I already have some. :)