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Fair Friday:Food

My "little" sister, Faith, and I went to the Maricopa County Fair today.

I only went to the fair because 1)free parking and admission, 2)spend time with my sister, and last but not least, 3)to take pictures!!!

I took about 50 good pics with my faithful Canon. I'm tempted to post them all but I thought I'd parcel them out a bit more by only posting a few on Fridays.
Welcome to "Fair Friday"

Some pics are fun, some are funny, some stink. (I'm tempted to post the one of the pig's rear end but don't think that's the best way to start this off. You'll have to check back to get a look at that one! It cracks me up!!)

Since today is Friday, here are some I'd like to share.

Um, Yes, Please! One of each!

Funnel Cake. Can't you just smell it!?
I love it but usually can pass it up when tempted because of the fat & calories.
But my sister said she's never had it so I had to indulge, for her sake.
Here's where the story begins...
Upon arrival to the fair I knew there was only one ride I wanted to do and since I was paying....I thoughtlessly used my $10 bill for the one ride.
Because we all know you want to do the rides first, before eating. Right?
So when I go to buy us a funnel cake, again, I am paying...I can only find $4 in my purse. Not a penny more. Faith has a few pennies to add (obviously, I'm paying). Problem is funnel cake guy says it costs $5. No problem. I will not disappoint little sister. We will have funnel cake!
We wonder around awhile until finding an ATM machine (that doesn't even thank me for the $3.50 charge!). That's probably more than the amount of my tax dollars that went to the bank bailout! Anyway, we quickly find a funnel cake stand and I see there are 2 sized cakes and although we are ravenous due to the powerful food smells at the fair, and despite the livestock smells. I decide, since I am paying, we will get the small size. Guess how much it cost? $4.
Must I explain?
For those math idiots (apparently I am one) our $4 funnel cake costs me $7.50. Yes, I'm still slapping myself.

Bright side of it all, she was happy and I got a blog out of it.

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Anonymous said...


I've been checking up on your blog and enjoying it. I'm so happy for you and your new husband. Of course I got it from Audrey's blog.

Faith has really grown up. I remember having her in CFBC nursery. Say hi to your mom for me.

If you ever go to a TEA party, the pig's rear pic would be great on a poster.

If you guys get back here, come see us. The family has really grown and Z's wedding was so much fun. Its hard to believe "my baby" is all grown up and married.

Gayle S.
Audrey's aunt.