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Growing up my initials were OP, which was pretty cool in the 80's, right? Then I got married and my initials got updated to match our very texting obsessed era that we now live in (and shake our heads at)...OMG. For those who are texting illiterate, I'll spell it out..."Oh, My God!". I pity the girl whose initials are W.T.F. (I won't spell that one out. You can Google it or email me for an explaination on that one!)


Egocentric much?

I want to attend the Minnesota State Fair one day.

I am constantly concerned when the last time was that my dog pooped and if she is about to go again....constantly.

I want to take voice and guitar lessons, just for fun.

I know I have too many shoes and purses but...I don't think I'll ever feel like I have enough purses and shoes.

I lost 7 pounds last year.

I love sweet potatoes and cottage cheese.

I laugh out loud very easily.

I am moved to tears by something almost every day, usually while I'm in my car.

I want to see Hawaii, not just a short visit, but live there for awhile.

I get motion sick super easy. I can feel it by just thinking about it. It's a total bummer.

I love the hospital and being around blood. It excites me!

I wanted to be a social worker or a children's book writer when I was a kid.

I've dyed my hair many colors but never blonde. Maybe someday.

I love mac and cheese.

I like gangsta and mob movies like The Godfather and The Departed.

Ok, enough about me....for now.
Well, it is my life and I'll blog if I want to!

FYI: my dog pooped while I was writing this post.

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Awesome post! We're going to see Weird Al at the State Fair this year (my kids are obsessed with him), maybe we'll see you there. I haven't been there in years!