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Menu Planning: Take Three

A little update on the past week...because it's important to know that things don't always go as planned but they work out. (I'm talking to myself here. But you can listen.)

Crockpot Broccoli Beef was amazing. YOU MUST get this woman's cookbook!

I didn't make the Salmon soup on Tuesday but there was extra spaghetti sauce that I cooked up to freeze. So Brian had spaghetti and salad. He passed on the strawberries with the honey-basalmic dressing. More for me! I had tons of amazing salad with avocado, strawberries and red bell pepper. That helped me resist the temptation to order Indian Fry Bread at work with everyone else. Well, they were nice enough to give me a bite to taste since I couldn't stop exclaiming HOW GOOD their food smelled. But I ate all my salad. Go me.

The coconut beef wasn't so great. Great ingredients but I think maybe because I used lite coconut milk? Curried red potatoes? Let's just say there's lots leftover in the fridge....4 days later. I like the idea of Indian food more than I like the actual flavors. Oh, well.

Here's the plan this week:
Sunday: Salmon stew. Roasted brussel sprouts.
Monday: Polenta veggie bake from allrecipes.com
Tuesday: Chicken and yellow rice casserole from allrecipies.com I will make this on Monday since I work on Tuesday.
Wednesday: Frozen Salmon patties, boxed mac & cheese, frozen veggies. This is a stand-by meal. I'm trying to make myself take it easy some nights. I may end up working so Brian will undoubtedly have something out of a can. :)
Thursday: I don't know how to explain this recipe...I'm making something out of something that I made that didn't really make anything at that time. The ingredients are in my freezer. Rice, hamburger, diced tomatoes, & black beans. I will configure that with flour tortillas, enchilada sauce, cheese...ect. Honestly, I have bags of this stuff in my freezer that I need to use. And I need to learn my lesson to not just cook for the sake of cooking! That seems to only complicate things and fill up my freezer and leave me in a quandry.
Friday: PIZZA Friday!
Saturday: We shall see because there's just some days you cannot anticipate how things are gonna go down.

Of course, I bought some broccoli today since it was on sale. I already had the menu plan done sans broccoli. Why did I do that? I guess I'll fit some in our meals somewhere. Stay tuned to find out how!
(how long is broccoli good for?)

Now that I've done this menu planning thing for just a few weeks, I'm starting to think...how did I ever manage before?

Now I'm going to give all my attention to the football game...in overtime! Go Vikings!

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Put some broccoli in your mexican recipe. You could make like a mexican lasagna with broccoli with all those ingredients. Or you couild steam some with the chicken and rice casserole if you aren't having many veggies with that.