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Growing up my initials were OP, which was pretty cool in the 80's, right? Then I got married and my initials got updated to match our very texting obsessed era that we now live in (and shake our heads at)...OMG. For those who are texting illiterate, I'll spell it out..."Oh, My God!". I pity the girl whose initials are W.T.F. (I won't spell that one out. You can Google it or email me for an explaination on that one!)


2009 in review brought to you by my Facebook status updates

This is really long. I don't expect anyone to read it but I do expect I'll get a kick out of this in a few years.

is going to get the house back in order and upload the holiday pics.
is watching 2 football games in a row. Goes great with pizza and merlot.
is rearranging the living room on a rainy Sunday.
is wondering if everyone is ready to get back to life, back to reality?
is trying to start good habits.
likes it when my fb friends comment on their fb friends pics, then i can go look at pics of people i don't know. i love that. keep it up.
just unloaded hundreds of pounds of grocery goods from Costco, all by my wee self!
is planning our 1yr anniversary trip...so fun!
has the hiccups while trying to leave a voice mail...not funny.
is coming up for a breath after being lost in the land of "Very cool married women with adorable children & artsy blogs"
can be found at http://omgigotablog09.blogspot.com/
can't find receipts so I can get reimbursed...alot of money. Yikes!
is not thrilled it's already 77degrees outside.
is facinated with the blogging world. Let me know if YOU have one. i'm at www.omgigotablog09.blogspot.com
made steak, eggs, potatoes with lots of garlic and cilantro for Sunday breakfast. Where's the maid to clean-up the mess?
watching the Cardinal's in the PLAYOFFS!
excited we are going to the SUPERBOWL! WOW!
is the only person on FB that didn't watch Lost and probably never will.
needs to get organized. Seriously!
is wondering what the heck happened to all my wall posts?!
is enjoying this gorgeous day!!!
is still in my pj's, playing on the computer while hubby is hard at work outside. Nice.
is beyond tired from yard work!
is busy this week.
is appaulled at what's going on in politics right now!! (too much talk radio for me today)
is sooooo excited about the Super Bowl today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is still proud. It was a close game. But all the penalties! Come on!
is going to have a wonderful day.
is puzzled. We can clone animals and organs, created the internet, but not a hairspray bottle that doesn't clog?
is going "camping" and it might "snow"! Yikes!
is long day. Hot shower. Lavender lotion. Red Wine. ZZzzzzzz.
is not camping in the snow. Got a cabin w/fireplace! Bring on the snow!
is smiling. It's our anniversary today.
needs to get busy.
is lovin a clean house.
is smiling. Vodka-pineapple cranberry juice-smiling. Heehee.
is doing a whole lot of NOTHING today.
is smelling roses, tasting chocolate. Went to see "Just not that into you" and glad he IS into me. :)
is enjoying hot 6-grain rolled oats w/cranberries & brown sugar.
is listening to Obama on the radio, he's in town. I feel physical pain but morally obliged.
is Top Ramen & oranges for lunch.
is relaxing today. Still getting stuff done, but not stressing. It's FRIDAY.

is addicted to conservative talk radio!!!!
doesn't want to go to school today!! BooHoo! But I skipped last week already. Grr!
is stuffed on Tempura Shrimp. Too much of a good thing.
is wondering if I have time in my life for twittering and texting.
ate chicken noodle casserole for breakfast. No room for coffee now!
anxious to see the lemon blossoms blossom!
made chocolate muffins and got 2 cuts on my left hand?? I'm not even left-handed!
not liking the heavy feeling in my lungs...I will not get sick. I will not get sick!
is happy the clouds are finally gone. Was feeling like Houston around here. Blue skies are back!
is an auburn/red-head again.
is enjoying a homemade martini & my husband on this Wednesday night.
enjoying having a DVR
is getting proficient at reading the many blogs and FB updates. Now, back to MY life.
all mom's must see this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESe-AysF9mw
needs to get some work done but loving this VERY warm weather!
tempura shrimp and a snakebite (guinness & pear cider). YUM!
loves Friday with the weekend OFF.
loves cleaning the kitchen before breakfast AND after breakfast. whipee!
Another beautiful day in paradise!
got a twitter account. now what? @aivilo75 (that's my name backwards)
i know, i know...we are all WAY excited about the stimulus money coming to our paychecks. what are you going to spend it on?
those who have cell phone plans w/internet access...love it? hate it? worth the $$? i'm looking for some input here.
can't wait for it to warm up just a bit more so i can start wearing all my summer dresses. bring it on! turn on the oven, phoenix!
looking forward to a lovely 3 day weekend with my sweet husband.
new posts on my blog: http://www.omgigotablog09.blogspot.com/
taking road trip in may. any tips re: Mason City, IA or N. Platte, NE. we are driving north thru Colorado. looking for places to stay, something to see or do along the way.
has COLD hands and feet right now. It better warm up today! Going to the County Fair w/my sister. Not expecting much..but it's free.
can only smile and laugh to myself about the weather you Texans are having. It's 76degrees. Blue skies & cool breeze here. You could be here in 3 hrs...if you could get a flight or a boat out of there. Hahahaha!
Another perfect day. Time to tackle household chores & bake zucchini bread.
is researching smartphones and cell/data plans. t-8 days till i get hooked up!
you wanna know what's on my mind right now? http://omgigotablog09.blogspot.com/
sipping almond breeze w/instant coffee. i'm officially weird.
join me on twitter. @aivilo75
dang! so many people on FB are sick. bummer status day today.
hey, H-town people, it's scary weather here in Az too! there's these huge things darkening the sky...clouds..so nervous. oh, wait, they are gone now. hehe!
is gonna have a great day, despite my sinuses!
feel like crap but off to upgrade my cell phone, that should help!
hooked up with the web&touch screen LG Vu...love it!
surfin the web while hangin @ the hospital w/grandma. this is livin!
in bed & surfing the web. would b perfect if i wasn't also sick. :(
after a week of not feeling well...so much to do! i might get a whole lot of nothing done today.
researching what to do in Chicago in 2 weeks. any suggestions? i've never been there.
black bean, sweet potato, chicken curry? cross your fingers.
4 words: grapefruit juice and vodka! ok, i'm a girl, i need more words...yummy, beautiful, fresh squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice and vodka with frozen grapefruit juice ice cubes. beautiful & delicious. enough said. need i say more?
I'm not going to remind you that it's Monday.
should be cooking dinner but to distracted by commenting on FB!
homemade cashew chicken success!
so freakin excited about my 2 week road trip!
road trip so far: rain, nebraska, rain, iowa, rain, chicago, blue skies, rain...
had such a tasty dinner tonite! great, new restaurants rock!
college graduation ceremonies are sooooo.....you know.
why am i so excited to see wisconsin & minneapolis & mt. rushmore? i feel like i'm in 8th grade or something!
another night in a hotel & another night of hotel HGTV! loving South Dakota, finally able to do laundry. whew!
denver is a mile high? for reals? since i can barely breathe, i believe it.
i'm up way too early. at least my french press & honey make it worth being awake.
glad to be back to the normal routine of life and read blogs, fb, & twitter to catch up on everyone else!
going out with the girls tonite! it's been years. that's sad. so looking forward to it!
figured out how to update my status by sending text msg from my phone. way easier!
enjoying the most crisp (or is it crispest?) red seedless grapes ever!
still smiling from the fun time i had last night w/coworkers...shoot, i should just call it...my girlfriends!
whew! how did it become that there is SO much housework to do?
stuffed from a damn good taco salad that i made. if i do say so myself!
might actually get around to watching the 24 season finale...finally!
ok, maybe we'll watch 24 tonight! cross my fingers.
husband is making me watch this farce of a show Earth 2100...torture! pure torture!
anyone have advice on what kind of budget works for them and how to jump into the whole budget lifestyle? kicking and screaming.
got my first gym workout with the new membership. there's flatscreens on every eliptical (my cardio machine of choice) but too high for me to see it! :( boooo!
i gave up twitter today. it was like volunteering to be ignored by alot of people you don't know. at least on FB, i am ignored by people i actually know.
going to a movie on a friday nite! yahoo! it's star trek so i can't get too excited. i'm definately getting popcorn...AND a coke!
star trek is a GREAT movie! and i don't even like star trek. very well done. smart & funny.
so much on my mind. so much up in the air. so much barely holding together. so much for my sanity.
up early. comment on FB photos. work out. paint nails bright orange. visit Grandma in hospital. go to Costco for lunchmeat. life of the underemployed housewife. (notice there is no cleaning on the agenda. i make my own schedule)
surely i'm not the only person to let the rice boil over while distracted by FB?
flat screen t.v. with TLC & HGTV on every eliptical machine. the only thing motivating enough to get me to the gym some days.
is turning on talk radio again. (the depression abated and now i'm back for more, i guess)
robert mondavi chardonnay....this weekend just got better.
sitting around just conversing w/the husband. can't beat it.
plans for the day keep changing as hours pass and nothing gets done. that ever happen to you?
listened to dr. laura today. wow. she can call it!
i have a 25# bag of rice in my living room. curse you, costco!
getting the hang of routine gym workouts. yay me! (honestly, i go just so i can watch TLC & HGTV for 1/2 hr...wish i had the stamina for an entire hour of tv...er, i mean, exercise.
went to the eye dr. then came home and dusted my house. coincidence?
has things to do...i should really get moving...right about now...any moment now....
dang, FB peeps, you did alot of status updates over the last 24hrs. i'm kinda jealous of all those going to or at the beach. i guess it's summer! rock on!!
my baby sister turned 20 today. she's like a total freakin adult now. i can't believe it.
i got in the nursing program!! i'll be a RN by next May! Halleluia!
Just worked 50hrs in 4 days. whew! this is no way to live. glad to see i still have my sanity & glad to see the weekend! ~olivia
108 degrees...I welcome you, with tank top & sunscreen, I welcome you.
hope i am more productive today than yesterday...or not...whatever.
boring day at work. imagine that! still, i luv my job.
coffee & left over pizza...mmmm, good!
saw the use of "pete's sake" twice on FB status/comments today so far. weird.
finally got my nursing program info and ready, set....GO! school starts this wednesday!! yipee!
freaking out. i want to make dinner and allrecipes.com is lost in the web of the web. seriously. how can that be?!
taking my CPR class on the 4th of July because saving someone's life is very patriotic.
my future starts this week. already dreaming of my future job, future new car, future new house....SO EXCITED!
sunday menu: turkey chili & pineapple upside down cake. yes, the house smells amaaaaazing!
must finish all the brie cheese so i will stop eating it!
went to work out then came home so ravenous that i probably ate 3x's amount of calories that i burned.
listening to Dennis Prager. i love him.
love leftover chinese. not loving MJ tribute on every tv at work. puleeze!
going to nursing school orientation today...finally. this has been 8 yrs in the making!
whew! that wasn't orientation...that was full on SCHOOL! wasn't planning on using the brain today. got a lecture on fetal monitoring and a headache...oh, and a 50lb textbook (actually only 10 but feels like 50 when walking in 110 degree heat).
going shopping for school supplies. fun!
watch the last DVD of John Adams (2hrs) or read the TEN chapters assigned...hmmmm...decisions, decisions...
iced coffee & smoked turkey fatfree hotdog in a multigrain tortilla...breakfast of champions.
tired and still so much to do...things are starting to look blurry but that's no excuse to stop.
Up early on a Saturday morning to start studying because this is my life now.
watchin' TMZ. don't judge. you know you do it too.
Sunday 10:45am:breakfast done, kitchen cleaned & mopped, weeds pulled, dressed & ready to go do something...wow, i almost don't recognize my life these days!
apple, soft ginger cookie, & peanut butter filled pretzel bites. YUM!
loves summer fruit! current faves crisp, sweet blueberries & juicy nectarines!
making spice cake muffins with sauteed cinnamon & ginger apples.
watched a most socially demoralizing show on Bravo "NYC Prep". rich teens living in NYC pretending to live adult lives. sick & sad. worst i've ever seen...and i've watched plenty of "real world".
got warm fuzzies from finally seeing a picture of Kim Symms and her baby bump! i love pregnant people.
it was 115 degrees here this week. cools off in the evening to about 100 so we can sit outside with the misters on. i vacillate between "i'm gonna die of heat stroke right now" to "i love it here & wouldn't trade this for anything"
friday night is costco pizza night. they have the best cheeeeeesiest pizza! it's a good night.
while i enjoy nursing school, i do not enjoy learning all the risks & leading causes of maternal & fetal death considering all the dear friends i know who are pregnant. not fun.
watching cooking show after cooking show after cooking show after cooking show after cooking show. very content.
it's sunday and we actually have plans & commitments. we usually avoid those at all cost. feeling neutral about i all right now. time will tell if we enjoy the land of adult plans & commitments.
locked my keys in my car today. oh, joy.
it's monday. sent the big man off to work while the little wife stays home to do laundry and wait for his return.
why does almost every single freakin headband give me a headache?!
memories of the rain last night are dancing in my head.
hanging out in the ICU with grandma. sucks.
not a good day. beyond tired & stressed. glad this isn't my norm!
So happy for my two friends getting married tomorrow. Congrats to Heather and Donna! I wish you both an amazing time tomorrow (night)!!!! ;) May your marriages be all the love and happiness that you deserve.
watching youtube labor and delivery videos to prepare for my first test tomorrow. sleep would help too.
6am Saturday. coffee is on cause i got to get my study on!
looking for L&D stories to enhance my learning. message me with your labor story, especially if there were any complications. i'm not being nosey, just really need to learn this stuff and i know LOTs of you have had babies and lived to tell about it. :)
gonna make crock pot yogurt. don't be jealous!
writing a blog update. i know you can't wait!
bought 4 different kinds of chocolate today. totally not premeditated. i swear! first discovery..Riesen. yum!
dammit! the sugar ants are back! don't they know it's 110 degrees outside and they should stay underground? oh, maybe that's why they are coming inside.
discovered southern comfort last night. great! woke up vomitting this morning. not great! all things in moderation!!!!!
actually going to work today! see ya in 13 hours.
making more homemade yogurt. also a spinach, peach, grape, banana smoothie. i'm getting weirder and weirder every day.
much as i love babies, i am SO not into studying newborn assessment & complications. why don't i care? so weird.
had a great nights sleep! thanks for asking.
Goodbye July! (don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!)
up at 6:15am on Saturday because i'm just so very....behind on my studying. french press coffee, here i come.
i heart havarti cheese.
made the most amazing mac&cheese. with monterey jack & havarti cheese. way too good. made a ton of it too. now, off to work out!
going to whole foods...praying i don't spend too much!
being a hospice nurse at home for the cat who looks like today might be the day. :(
i am not going to complain about how HOT it is here. i am NOT going to complain about HOW FREAKING HOT it is here.
making a homemade chocolate birthday cake for my husband!
still miserable from a glutaneous birthday dinner at the yardhouse last night. thanks for the bday wishes to my husband!
housework on sunday!? how did i get started? this is supposed to be my day off!
my brother is officially engaged to be married! yeah!
we are having a girl! ......puppy, that is!
another week, another kitty dying in our house. bummer.
had an awesome work out and felt great! now i have a headache and nauseated. guess i over-did it! blah!
another weekend, another chance to go to school and learn more. loving my life! (my nursing program is friday & saturday).
recession is coming to an end but forclosures increased, consumer spending decreased, & unemployment increased? interesting calculations people. btw, i have some ocean front property here in arizona to sell ya.
drank hemp milk today...no munchies. it was good!
want a treat? try Raw Honey. it's amazing!
spinach & peach smoothie. intense work out. fresh avocado, tomato and cilantro. all by 9:30am. it's gonna be a GREAT day!
mom is coming over...got to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors!
ending the day with fat free frozen yogurt and dark chocolate hershey's syrup. yummy!
is back to my natural mocha hair color...would be natural if it wasn't actually hair color in a bottle...if i was patient enough to let it grow out on its own. like i said, i'm a brunette again!
i drive 50 miles, roundtrip, in 105 degrees, to shop at Whole Foods because...i have a food fetish (thanks mischawn!)
it rained...it POURED last night! we watched the storm from inside the garage. it was awesome but very short lasting. in houston, it would pour like that all night long, here, it's about 20 min. was so exciting, i didn't even get pics!
is getting a new SUPER DUPER blender today! bring on the green smoothies! oh, to finally have a blender that can actually blend a banana thoroughly!
veggies (red bell pepper, tomato, hummus) for dinner, ice cream (really it's ff frozen yogurt) and chocolate sauce w/whip cream for dessert. that sounds about right!
woke up bright and shiney and energetic at 5am today! now it's 1pm, not so much. :(
if you don't listen to Dennis Prager, you are missing out on one of the most wonderful, life-enhancing, endearing men alive. www.dennisprager.com
it's soooo hot outside! 112 today. 10 degrees above normal. yuck. i'm so ready for the coolness of 103 again, like we had last week.
going to meet my puppy today!
lost another diamond from my ring!! that makes 4 in less than 2 yrs. having serious issues w/the quality. white gold constantly needs redipped, they just had it for 3 months! the shop says i can only trade UP and they don't replace. i don't want a bigger ring! anyone know how i can deal w/this?
apparently the ring need to go to one last place where they decide if it totally needs to be "remade" or if it's not fixable and should be replaced. "we are going to fix this situation for you" is what i was told. along with "fine jewlery is high maintenance". yeah, whatever.
bought a cute pale blue dog carrier/kennel and a super cute green polka dot dog bed. adorable!
listening to Dr. Laura makes it so hard to concentrate on studying! but i'll try my hardest.
my brother is getting married sept. 25 at lake tahoe, NV. he is bringing his soon to be family to town this weekend to meet us. so happy!
loves my new sister and niece!
going to bed. the weekend is over. goodnight. see ya's later!
long, boring, slow day at work. TGFI...thank goodness for internet!
time to get serious. right about now.
my blogger dashboard says i'm not following any blogs!!! omg! where are the 30 blogs i follow???
whew! it's ok. calm down everyone. my blogs are showing now. i almost had a meltdown within about 15 seconds. it's all good now.
it is so lovely outside this morning!
studying child growth and development. so sweet. i kinda like this subject!
i have to get a new wedding ring. i think we've picked one out. i'm out of love with my original ring after all the issues over the last 1.5yrs, so i'm okay and i'm ready to move on with a new one. the store is being great about it!
i got a VitaMix! i feel like the luckiest girl alive!!! yipee!
oh, i ment to say, i got a new wedding ring that is FABULOUS and a VitaMix. it's been a GREAT day for me! i love my husband!
worked 2 days in a row. i'm done with that for the week! now on to school and house work. hmm...it never ends.
is blogging. should be studying. nope, not a bit of self-control, thank you, very much!
just watched a little program about Mother Theresa. wow.
raspberry, peach, lime, kale Smoothie!!
just made some avocado, cucumber, yellow pepper seaweed rolls. (can't call it sushi or california rolls since there's no fish in it) yum!
is FOOTBALL. all.day.long.
puppy is freaked out a bit by our morning routine. i thought we were quiet, i don't like noise in the morning. she feels otherwise and raises the decibel level a bit.
after an hour of off and on puppy screaming and my patient positive reassurance...she's finally asleep in the crate! whew!
my house is a mess! i blame it on having a new puppy. i only have so much energy and attention.
87 outside at 8pm....windows down for the first time in forever. the greatest weather in the world is BACK!
my brother gets married tomorrow. i get another sister! i love all these sisters in my life now. love you, Faith, Lynn, and Liliya!
today:phoenix, salt lake city, reno then finally sacramento...in the next 18hrs. should be fun.
today is no different than yesterday, yet it's better. how is that?
off to school then off to california! see ya later!
is back home after a sweet weekend with the family for my brother's wedding. great trip, great to be home.
Birthday Sushi Day!!!
just saw Julie & Julia....LOVE that movie! even Brian liked it. what a great, clean, adult movie.
thanks for all the birthday love. it felt like a saturday with my husband hanging out all day with me...going to lunch and a movie. very sweet start to a great year ahead.
studying....opithotomos, macewen sign, ptosis, tonic neck, basilar fracture, pyramidal tract, osmotic diuretic ....zzzzzzzzzzzz.... need COFFEE!
making lemon cupcakes w/vanilla frosting...got to get rid of the boxed stuff in the pantry before i start using my Martha Stewart CUPCAKES! (emphasis mine) book that i got for my birthday.
floods in the philipines, tsunami in the somoas, earthquake in indonesia....wow.
does it always take forever to upload youtube video? my first time...taking about 10 min for a 1min video.
good morning 6:30am cup-o-coffee!
dear government, don't you dare make flu shots mandatory for healthcare workers. i don't like needles and i never get the flu so leave me alone!
my puppy is biting her tail and makes herself scream in pain. wonder when she's gonna figure that one out!
has cream cheese, eggs, molasses, 2 types brown sugar, 2 types flour, butter, sour cream, buttermilk, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, semisweet chocolate chips, food color, sprinkles, Martha Stewart Cupcake book....now all i need is some TIME! the one thing i couldn't pick up at walmart.
loves dreaming about the future....(i try to avoid thoughts of the government and war and healthcare, obviously!)
coffee at 6pm = still awake at 10:45pm
just another WINDY Sunday!
enjoyed the amazing, huge, awesome full moon tonight!
up late, again. yes, 10:20pm is LATE for me. too much nursing mumbo-jumbo floating through my head! aaaahhh!!!
when i see "nom nom" it makes me want to gag. yeah, it's kinda cute but still ...gag.
great day so far...puppy barely whined and i finally get time to get my hair cut & colored, and make cupcakes!
hello wednesday. hello 83 degrees. hello blue skies. my friends, if you don't live here, you should!
costco dollar exchange system: $200=1,127lbs
why is it so freakin hard to find where to change your password on yahoo??????
being a proper fur-baby parent is so hard sometimes. i know this will pay off in a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog....but GOSH...so hard to be the strict parents! don't know how human-baby parents do it!
i agree with you, mr. president, you don't deserve it.
i'm studying. go, me!
going to take my final right now. pray for me!!!!!
trying to watch the cards/texan game but the signal keeps dropping. come on!!!
cards won. exiting ending. now, on to the next game.
football, nursing school final, football, football, subway, football. i wish this day would never end.
good morning. do u know where your husband is? off to work, i hope. do u know where he'd rather be? still snuggling with you, i hope.
is 3pm too late for a nap?
ok. 15 min nap and now up for a challenge....risotto!
less and less puppy whining every day. praise jesus! the hard work is paying off.
can't help it, i like the miley cyrus song, the climb.
watching biggest loser. it's getting wicked! yeah!
goodmorning. my puppy is constipated. have a good day.
anyone know what keys to push to type an up arrow?
good morning 4:30am. it's sooooo quiet. i have a looooooong day ahead of me at the hospital. clinicals in the newborn nursery! see ya later.
first day of clinicals was ...mmm...well, second day has got to be better! let's see some babies be born! only ONE was born yesterday. we need more action.
football. that's what's on my mind. nothing else. feels good!
made amazing spaghetti tonight. if i do say so myself!
time to make up for all the house cleaning that has been patiently waiting for me. aww, how nice.
slaving over stuffed bell peppers but most excited for the bread sticks.
used 3 knives and a fork to prepare and eat my english muffin breakfast. (topped w/avocado, cottage cheese & tomato)
what do you call cheese that isn't yours?
just totally burned my last cup of sushi rice. now the house smells...not so nice...and no sushi rolls for me. :(
puppy is being so calm and good now....AFTER having pooped in the living room when i turned my back for 2 seconds (again!).
ok, second round of OB clinicals start. definately can't get any worse/boring/stupid than last week. wish me luck.
ok, i had a great day! we had a baby! i mean, my patient had a baby. and the weekend isn't over yet!
day full of newborns! sweetness!
yesterday, newborns. today, football. how's that for ying-yang?
MIN & PIT game....wow! anyone watching this?!
ATL & DAL game after eating crockpot tamale pie = afternoon coma
my puppy looks so cute lately....not that that's much of a change. but she looks different cute now.
just got barnes & noble coupons now that i joined their member club...actually contemplating buying a christmas cd because it's chilly out today. neil diamond or barry manilow??
wow, i didn't know flying a plane was such a cake job. i wonder if they had their pj's on too?
is starving! alfredo chicken pizza is on its way! hope i don't faint before it gets here.
fed and dressed itty-bitty babies today in the NICU. i think i've found my calling.... :)
football and teaching my dog "down" and "speak".
is it weird that i wish i was out there giving the flu vaccine to kids? it's a fun job & easy money. need to check into that next year. flu = job security
why i don't watch the news....just learned about 4 different people who killed about a dozen people. is that news? did i need to know that?
crockpot chicken parmesan tonight. soooooo good!
my puppy only whined ONCE yesterday. amazingly peaceful day. i think she loves learning tricks and earning Cherios. yay!
had to work yesterday. FB, i missed you all.
cornish hens in the crockpot today. wish me luck.
anyone lose any luggage in phoenix? they caught the couple who stole over 1,000 pieces. hope yours had your name tag on it, you may get it back!
anyone ever cut into an acorn squash? OMG! lucky to still have all my fingers intact. it better be worth the risk involved.
would like to thank my puppy for not letting me sleep through my 4:30am alarm, by waking me at 4:10am. franks alot.
i'm just really, really sad about all the soldiers killed and injured at the Army base. killed by one of our own...just before they were going out to serve our country. so tragic. :(
is off to the Veteran's Hospital for clinicals!
made steel cut irish oats for the first time. is it supposed to be sort of firm yet tender? did i cook it long enough? very different texture!
getting my fill of football, pizza, allergy/sinus meds...taking the good with the bad today.
am awake from my benadryl coma now. move slowly, speak softly, please.
used the neti pot!
loving the clove essential oil simmering on the stove. smells like fall. it's even cloudy outside! if only it felt like fall. :(
watching the country music awards...and i'm NOT an award show person...but i do heart country music...or maybe it's just men in tight jeans and boots?
today has not been the most fun day for us but we know it is definately setting the stage for better days to come. today we are just doing the hard things so that we can REALLY enjoy the fruit of our labor...eventually...
is tired. 4 of 6 med/surg clinical days down. whew!
is listening to Christmas music. this is not normal for me. i almost don't recognize myself.
trainer at the gym told me i need to eat more....well, ALRIGHT!
i don't know who enjoys the laser pointer more...me or the puppy. endlessly entertaining. must post some video.
spending WAY too much time working on this poster presentation about knee arthroplasy...sounds boring but i'm a sucker for learning all about something new. any knee stories out there?
went shopping w/the puppy at Petsmart for the first time. why haven't i done that before now? she had lots of fun trying on clothes and socializing. she's already asking when we can go again.
glad i actually looked at the pistachio before i put it in my mouth....looked like dirt chunks inside the shell...YUCK. yes, i needed to share this.
it's getting WAY hard to climb out of bed now that it's cool out and i have my big fluffy down comforter. WAY hard.
ringtone for husband:all i want for christmas is you. ringtone for unknown people:phantom of the opera theme. ringtone for mom:i was country when country wasn't cool. what are YOUR ringtones?
made the most amazing tuna casserole tonite...i don't know how it turned out so great but WOW!
up and at 'em at 4:45am. it's gonna be a loooooooong day.
loves that my puppy enjoys just hanging out on my lap when i surf facebook...well, and occasionally lick my keyboard....that reminds me, that popcorn was good last night.
has survived the infamous VA clinicals. lots of drama. SO glad it's over. now for some fun...Pediatrics!
can't decide. nap or coffee????
NAPPED! then coffee...Lisa Kay wins! got to love sunday.
So, what are YOU doing for Thanksgiving??
surprised at how NOT busy the grocery store is today. hmm...weird.
oh, if you could smell the pizza cooking in my oven right now....MMMMMMmmmm!
"Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful I have you in my life." those were the first words i heard today. guess who said that.
finally saw slumdog millionaire. wow.
apparently i don't have clinicals this weekend! who knew!? not me, until now. my first free weekend since JULY! yipee!
is back on twitter. not sure why. follow me and give me a reason. pleeeeze! @aivilo75
it's Monday after a holiday weekend and I don't have to head out to school or work this morning and i'm not even a SAHM! love my life!
i am thinking...i repeat...thinking....about going to work out. #fb
hmmm...i thought the #fb was supposed to disappear
trying that again....don't fail me now, twitter!
what to do today??
i made this baked apple-sweet potato dish. YUM! i'm in love.
anyone have good info source on eating sprouts? #sprouts
#biggestloser sometimes u annoy me with all ur fake interactions & commercialization but then u go and INSPIRE me. love-hate.
orange peel & cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove
My brother is gonna have a BABY!
i just emailed @pragerradio holding my breath that he replies!!!
"thank you for holding. we appreciate your patience. a representative will be with you shortly." i'm DONE being patient!!
my puppy is 4 months old and knows her name, sit, down, roll, shake, NO!, and how to fetch, find a toy & pee on command. smart, right?
there's mayb 2 decent flics out right now. time to break out the collection of holiday favs. elf, bridgetjonesdiary, & love actually
loves dreaming, talking, planning for the future. just have to block out ALL thoughts of obama care and the economy. that's why it's called "dreaming".
done nothing for school in the last several weeks but i have a "major" exit exam today. i just may have forgotten EVERYTHING i need to know. yikes.
Cards 27 Min 10...we are treating Farve very badly! go Cards!
we are thanking God for His mercy...lost half of a tree last night in the storm...totally missed the house when it broke into 2 pieces. it SO could have been bad. pics later.
brrrrr! it's cold and windy. goes great with the warm sun and blue skies!
if u r looking for me today, i'll be doing clinicals at the county hospital ....for 14 hours! hope i make it out alive...or at least my mind intact.
is officially OBSESSED with NICU. i love it! i love it! i love it! got to see a 29wk old baby yesterday. wow. going back again today. babies! babies! babies!! :)
please, anyone, a cure for cold toes? besides wool socks and a hairdryer...i already tried that. help.
got a 98.7% on my HESI. for those who know what that is...i'm already patting myself on my back! (it's ok to brag, just for a sec, right?)
anyone know how to "unfan" a page? believe it or not, i'm no longer a fan of jon&katplus8.
it's 68 outside and just lovely. air force jets flying over. the sun is warm on my face. i need to blog about this...
sometimes i just really crave canned corn. is that odd?
puppy alert: i think she is potty trained!!!! she ran to the front door and kept looking at me, when i asked "do u need to potty?" she ran down the hall to her puppy pad and made a poopoo! what a great day!!! oh, and her new joy is running around with my ponytail holder and nibbling on it. pretty cute.
my husband at quinoa, chickpeas & spinach!!! yay!
going to clinicals today. crossing fingers for the pediatric ICU. only 2 days left!
long day. i'm tired. ate mexican food and just got more tired. something tells me that bedtime is coming early tonight.
the semester is OVER. just one more semester standing in the way of me and my RN license. Yahoo!
no school, no work...wed, thurs, fri....that's living!
gift cards, check. christmas shopping, done.

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Amanda said...

Would you be mad if I told you I only made it to July?? WoW! That pretty neat though!