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Vino, mi Amore!

We have been enjoying our newfound appreciation of wine since our visit to

Napa last May with my dad, Nancy, and brother Luke.

I want to keep better track , so what better place than my blog.
Of course, now you all know how much we like to drink.
Or, for a positive spin, you all know what wine to buy for us when we have you over for dinner or for a present. Wine makes a great present. I think. I've never actually been given a bottle of wine.

I will keep this updated as this is a very important topic to me. :) I've included the price paid and then how we/I rate it on #1-10 scale. Of course this is from a very personal and uneducated palette but then again, this is my blog.

Double Dog Dare Merlot $3. #8.5

Dancing Bull Merlot $7. #8

Columbia-Crest Chardonnay $8. #5.5

Woodbridge Merlot - probably around $8. Very dry. #6

Mallee Point Australian Merlot- $7. #7.5

Robert Mondavi Winery- Pinot Noir. Our first try at Pino. Not a fan. #5

Robert Mondavi Winery-'05 Merlot. $22. We'll stick with the cheap ones. #5

Barefoot Merlot-$8. #6

Yellowtail- Cabernet Sauvignon. $6. pending taste test.

Shiraz-Cabernet. $7. not a big fan of this blend. #7

Smoking Loon Merlot. $8. pending taste test

Gallo Family Savignon Blanc. $4. never had SavBlanc before. pending taste test.

Concho Y Torro Cabernet-Merlot. $8 1.5Liter. Our absolute favorite so far. #9

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