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Growing up my initials were OP, which was pretty cool in the 80's, right? Then I got married and my initials got updated to match our very texting obsessed era that we now live in (and shake our heads at)...OMG. For those who are texting illiterate, I'll spell it out..."Oh, My God!". I pity the girl whose initials are W.T.F. (I won't spell that one out. You can Google it or email me for an explaination on that one!)


July, August, September 2011

July: She still will not say my name but has been saying "uncle" for months.

Ruth is walking and running FREE!

August: I took the girls to the Jelly Belly Factory. It was so fun! I LOVE hanging out with these girls!

September: Ruthie comes over to play one day a week on my day off. She loves her Uncle Brian and Aunt Faith. She keeps us busy. I find taking her shopping and letting her play in the bathtub are less aerobic activites for me.
For my birthday we went to the Redwoods near Eureka, Ca. It's 300 miles away from home but so worth the trip. It was beyond my expectations. There's so much to explore. Can't wait to go back.

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