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Camping Trip #3 and Things learned

Two things we have been needing to tackle with the camper...figure out how to get some A/C and empty the tanks.
After having the camper for over a month....I'm trying to not remember how long it's been because that's exactly how long it has been since we've emptied the black tank (think toilet). Last week we finally found a free and convenient place to empty the tanks! And we bought a generator. So we headed up the street about 10 miles to a county park called White Tank Mountain Park. We got there around 3pm and it was so hot, perfect for trying out the generator and testing the A/C. I reclined comfortably in the bed with a book and the puppy while Brian trouble shooted the generator issues. Good news is the A/C works awesome! Bad news is we need some sort of delay switch in the A/C so the generator doesn't shut off (the A/C cycles off for only 10 seconds...not long enough). Yes, I've learned alot about electricity but don't quiz me, okay?
The view was awesome and it was so quiet (besides our generator running, which couldn't be heard by me due to the roar of the A/C inside). There were only 4 other campers in the 40 campsites on Memorial Day weekend. We are now sure this has to do with the BUGS and the HEAT. Just guessing.

This picture does not do it justice. It was beautiful to overlook the city and you could see for about 30 miles. This would be a great place to camp in the winter but just too hot for me right now. There's alot of easy hiking to do in this park and tons of saguaro cactus.

Eventually the bugs went away and the sun went down so we got out of the camper and enjoyed the sights. We stayed up late waiting for the moon to rise. It came up around 9:40pm. I practiced taking night time pics (adjusting my shutter speed, ect). If you don't know, the desert cools off once the sun goes down and it is just awesome outside.

We woke up to .....guess.....BUGS and HEAT!

We packed it up and were home before 10am.

It wasn't a "fun" trip but we learned alot and since it was so close to home, it was easy. I think the highlight was the great hamburgers I cooked. Well, and we were together, that always makes things good. (except when emptying the poop tank for the first time....in 90 degree heat. There isn't alot of love to be had in moments like that! Don't ask. Maybe we will laugh about it one day.)

First thing I did this week was go buy bug spray for "flying insects". We have a spreadsheet going of lists of things we need to take or buy. There's alot of stuff to get started! We like things to be as comfortable as possible so that takes lots of stuff, apparently.

We are taking a couple weekends off since I have limited time to study for my nursing exam. That happens June 14. Once that is behind us, we will off looking for our next adventure.

I am DYING to go to the beach.

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