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Camping Trip #2 How it went....

We drove up north to Prescott, AZ. It was at about 5,000 feet.

This is the narrow, steep, dusty, bouncy road we took.

It was hold-your-breath-grip-the-door scary for me.

We had read something online about this road and potential for free dispersed campsites but we knew nothing else. SO GLAD we took the risk because it was the most amazing weekend. And the camping was FREE. We stayed two nights. Here's my view from the hammock. If you listen hard, you can hear the wind blow through the trees.

We took a walk and came upon some little ones who were more than delighted to play with Delilah for 10 minutes. Delilah was awesome with all these little girls! It was just adorable. She ran from one to the other, just as excited as they were.

She also got VERY, VERY dirty. It was a pretty dusty campsite and the wind didn't help things.

But she also got to run through the grass. We let her loose since we had so much space. She did great keeping near us on our walks and it was fun watching her figure out how to navigate water puddles and rocks as we hiked.

We had a HUGE and super private site. We had our first campfire too! It was truely perfect.

Another view looking out from our site. There is a little creek (thus the grass) but it's pretty low. We would love to go back here again but only at this site (#13). We scouted out the rest of the sites and think we got the BEST one. Some good things about this trip: no bugs! and the weather was great (not too cold at night. great breeze during the day. perfect.) And since we have found that most campsites cost around $20/night....FREE was pretty great.

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

How gorgeous! I especially like the more private sites when you don't have a million people all around you. Not that I would want to be truly alone in the forest though. I still need my bathroom within walking distance! It looks like you guys are having so much fun with the camper! The puppy too!