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Canyon Lake

Arizona is beautiful.
We went to Canyon Lake.
This is Canyon Lake. Just 2 hour drive from our home.

This is Delilah. She didn't want to pose for this picture until I said the magic words..."Are you hungry?" Little stinker.
Isn't she cute?

Look, Mom! I can swim!

It was his birthday so I took him camping and gave him a kiss. Happy Birthday, Honey!

Just what he wanted...to hang out with his cute wife and wet dog at the lake.

Here's the lake again.

Here's his cute wife and wet dog.

It was a great setting. Enough people but still pretty quiet. People actually spoke to us! That's a change from our previous trips where we have been in pretty isolated areas.
The water was nice and refreshing. Well, it was dirty lake water, but it was refreshing.

I just loved being so close to the water. I did alot of reading. We didn't have cell service so no wasting time online. We ate well. Spaghetti. Chicken & rice. Hamburgers with mac & cheese. Swimming....er, floating in the lake makes you hungry!

We tried hard to remember when our last camping trip was when we realized our holding tank was full on the second night. (it was just the grey tank (dirty water). not the black tank, thank goodness!)
It was a nice trip. The weather was fun. Clouds the first day. Lots of hot sunshine the next day and even rained that night. It was our first time using electric hook-ups and we ran the A/C the entire time. It was 90-100 degrees so it was great to be able to sleep comfortably. Even if the sound of the a/c unit was so loud we had to speak loudly while inside the camper. Price we paid for comfort.

I can't wait to go back with a canoe and some lifevests so we can explore the lake. Delilah does well with the water. She actually walked out into the lake and swam to me a few times. She quickly figured out which way was the shore when I put her back down in the water. She's not crazy about being wet and chilly but she doesn't hate it. We need to get her a life vest too. Of course she will come with us on the canoe! I can't wait.
We had a fairly easy time emptying the tanks before arriving home. It was only 103 outside so we weren't so irritable like we were back when it was 113 degrees. Actually knowing what we are doing helps alot, too. :)

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