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Love on the Road Becomes Reality

We have something to show you.....

We went on a little road trip over the weekend. Delilah's first experience in the car that was longer than 5 minutes. There was panting and shaking until the point of exhaustion. Luckily, she survived, although a bit worse for the wear...can you tell?

She cracks us up. Here she patiently (or reluctantly, not sure which) poses for a photo.

Here she is cursing the bright desert sunshine and dust....longing for her cool house with her cozy blanket.

But that's not what we wanted to show you...THIS IS!

We went away for a relaxing weekend and came home owners of this cute little trailer.
We have been researching like crazy, for months, what will meet our needs and travel goals. So when we wondered into a RV dealership, because that's our new hobby, we couldn't pass up this opportunity. The old owners just moved out of it the same day we were in town. We think we couldn't have gotten a better deal and are super pleased with how everything went. I have 3 more weeks of school and then we can go back to Tucson and pick it up.

It's only 18 feet and that's all we need to make Love on the Road a reality!
That's what I'm calling our adventure.
Love on the Road, because what we have is more than just life...we have LOVE.
Sappy, I know, but it's true! What is life without love?
One of the RV salesman said we have "gypsy blood". SO true! We don't care where we go or when, just as long as we GO. KOA and National Forests, here we come!
Life just got alot more fun!

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Oh, you will have so much fun! And what good is anything without LOVE!! Not sappy at all.