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Growing up my initials were OP, which was pretty cool in the 80's, right? Then I got married and my initials got updated to match our very texting obsessed era that we now live in (and shake our heads at)...OMG. For those who are texting illiterate, I'll spell it out..."Oh, My God!". I pity the girl whose initials are W.T.F. (I won't spell that one out. You can Google it or email me for an explaination on that one!)



September 29th. It's my birthday.

I wish I had a baby picture scanned so I could post it today. These will have to do. They're pretty cute, aren't they?

Today I am enjoying my new puppy, Delilah (my birthday present) and we are going to a sushi place for lunch. Brian took off work to be with me and also agreed to going to the doctor for a long overdue physical. Can't say "no" to your wife on her birthday, right? I might even push it and ask to go see a chick-flick at the movies!
I can't deny that I'm appreciating this "getting older" stuff. My life is so full and wonderful. I finally feel like I am a more rounded person and have something to offer in conversations, relationships, and work. That feels good.

Thank you to my mom and dad for their honesty, love, and encouragement. I wouldn't be all I am without all that we have been through....these last thirty-four years. :)

I just love this photo of me and my brother.We aren't this cute anymore but we still have this close relationship. That's a sweet thing!

Gosh, I could live another lifetime and still only be 68! That's a cool thought!
Well, here's to another 34 years, with this man!
Don't worry, sweetie, you will only be a young 79 by then! We can do it!


Amanda said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I'm sorry I missed it sweet girl... and you are HOT BTW!! What a smile!!!

Hope you are STILL having a great day...

Blessings sweety!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Awww.. how sweet! Happy (belated) birthday to you too!